A functional project

The project includes the layout of permanent and movable elements appearing in an interior. It’s presented in the form of a top view, without colors, lighting and any elements which make an interior design complete. A client receives min. 3 options of an interior design in the form of a top view. Thanks to such an offer you can quickly get an idea for a spacial planning of an interior.

A conceptual project

A functional project + a visualization. A three-dimensional model of an interior with an offer of a complete interior design concept. It includes the offers of exemplary finishing materials, furniture and lighting. A client receives the visualizations showing the design of each room. The conceptual sketches aren’t subject to dimensioning.

An executive project

A conceptual project + preparing the detailed executive sketches for each room and necessary details for decoration: systems, lighting project, walls projects, floors, ceilings, custom-made furniture, stucco, etc. It also includes the detailed description of materials, devices, furniture and lighting with the specification of necessary amounts. There is a movable equipment and accessories as well.